Custom Make

We design it for you!

Everyone wants furniture pieces that convey who they are. One can spend months searching for the perfect piece that reflects their style and sensibilities. More than anyone else, Twenty One Form Eight can fill your home with the custom furniture that you will be sure to love. The reason is simple. We design it for you!




How to work with us?

01/ Talk to us, tell us what you want

Talk to us, tell us what you want ! Get in touch with us by phone, email. Feel free to schedule an appointment with us. Tell us your idea, we will get back to you as soon as possible.    /   Tel : +852 2321 1738

- Item you are looking for ( such as TV cabinet, coffee table or desk etc.)
- Ideal measurements(i.e. Length x Width x Height)
- Ideal type of timber ( We are using solid wood from american mainly : American Black Walnut, American white oak and American white ash)
A simple sketch or even a picture you want to custom make are welcome.

Don’t worry if you don’t have those information yet, we could work it out all together.
※ Please leave us your name and contact number with your email.


02/ We will get back to your question

Upon your inquiry, we will confirm you by phone or email for further understand your needs.
By clearly understand your needs, we will give you quotes.


03/ Confirmation and start constructing

After confirming your order, we use provide detail drawings of the design


04/ Delivery 

After the production is complete, we will arrange a schdule with you for the delivery date and time, you can choose to collect it by yourself too.


Lets talk to us!